This has nothing to do with jelly.

The world is quiet here.

No Longer Public...

*cries, for she is a stalker without a LiveJournal*


*cries* Now Cata can't stalk me! Nooo! *wishes LJ were easier to play around with in this regard*

I mooched a code off of OE's friend! Do I get to be a lurky weirdo now?

(Cata will be getting a code in a week. ^.^)

Yaay! *attacks Ke*

Hey there! I'm not a stalker, but rather a random person who found your journal by way of a search on "Raine Maida". :) I'm generally friendly and I like meeting new people. Would you mind if I added you to my friends list?

Sure, go ahead! ^.^ I'll get you on mine, as well.

ah... unfortunately, I'm not a stalker. *sniff* cause I don't got a babnana. I'm not really sure how that relates, buthey... *clears throat* anyway. I'm goign to add you to my friend's list, cause I only got two so far. *looks pathetic* you into anime? or manga? or graphic novels? *dies* okay, wellllll.... bye bye for now!

I'll add you to mine, as well. ^.^ Definitely into anime, manga, and graphic novels. Frighteningly so, probably. x.x (Manga collection is at 150-something)

(Deleted comment)
!!! Of course! Didn't know you had an LJ. ^.^

It's You Tsar????

~Prod~ Rememeber me? ~taps foot~

*waves* Of course I remember you. ^.^ I'll get you added to my friends list, as well. Fwee.

*waves* I'll get you added in. ^.^

Fwahahahaha. *Terrouge no James*

150 manga... *drooool* I don't even have 1 T_T

Hee. x.x And now I'm up to 170-something. O.o I'll get you added. ^.^


I'm not dead and gone after all! Good thing I found you, before it was too-- er, no wait, apparently this post is originally from February, but people have still been able to get through.

Well, uh, hi then. Put me on your list! ^_^

:O DIdn't know Icy had an LJ! Yay! I was just talking about you today. Had pulled out my violin and remembered that you had written out the notes for Eyes on Me and Suteki Da Ne that I had with it. Whee!

I keep my LJ open in the hopes I will actually GAIN a stalker or at least someone I don't know from Terrouge.

It's creepy--I still acquire stalkers through here. :| You'd think people would be less inclined to stalk me, but apparently not...

Hey, Tsar! I got a LJ too now...can I be added to your list? I'm Griever. Or maybe that in itself is a little creepy. Meh.

Ook! Of course. ^.^ Hurrah for LJ.

TSAR! Found ya again. This be Slashfang, how ya doing? This is pretty darn cool, through LJ, I've tracked down four people who I knew from the RFF board. And I didn't know you liked JHTM and Isu-Yasha too! Squee!
*Does insane happy dance*

Kathryn, Grath 87, from Terrouge here. I wanna be your friend! haha


Hee. Already had you added. ^.^ STALKER MODE: on

You had posted your user name on Terrouge and I started stalking you then.

dang you have alot of people that know you, hi, im that anoying anonamous guy begging you for a code from the redwall comunity, he

I'm not too sure you know me, but I think so... OF course, last time I "thought so"... Erm... Yeah.

Will add you. ^.^

private? that seems extreem

Hi ya. So I should definately be on the listy-thingy-majigger. Or whatever it's called. I already put you on mine having gotten your screen name from Jon. 'Tis amanda by the way, since it helps to know who's contacting you and stuff like that. Anyhoo, that's all. :)

Re: private? that seems extreem

Yup. I've done a couple of private ones, but it's generally just notes to myself that I delete later. I get too lazy to even e-mail myself sometimes. :P

Welcome to LJ. Avatar is darling. ^.^

hey. i decided to re-roll and through sheer luck or fate, my first try i ended up on kujata. i took your advice, along with some things i read in guides, and started in windhurst, instead of bastok. well, maybe i will see you on some time. i could really use your help and experience. i'm getting myself ready so that when the ps2 version comes out, and several of my coworkers get it, i can help them out the same.

p.s. i'm adding you and your boyfriend (weepingjester, right?) to my friend list. =)

Hey, great! If you see Fitzcat or Gremlin around, that would be us. Gremlin's running around as various different things right now, but usually he's a level 22 redmage (he's been leveling up his warrior with my white mage).

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
DRK is a blast! I only have Fitzcat up to level 7 in DRK, but I definitely enjoyed kicking a lot of ass. I had been running around as a SMN and BLM to get both to level 8, then switched over to DRK... And suddenly was killing things with a single stroke from my scythe. Mmm.

Of course, at heart I'm a PLD... But I imagine I'll be taking DRK quite far at some point.

dude your mithra rocks.^_^ its almost the same as mine except im goin DRK. "gir ownz you!"

I love your avatar. Did you make it yourself? (BTW, I found you though the FFXI group.)

Thank you! ^.^ The moogle is actually from the comic Destiny Dreamers, but I cropped and re-did the background for the avatar.

I give my stalkers cookies...

Hi, Tsar! It's Folgrim from Terrouge. Allow me to stalk you? Already added you, if that's okay!

Re: I give my stalkers cookies...

^.^ I'll add back.

(Deleted comment)

Of course. I was just showing off the Edward Gorey picture, not threatening deletion of friends. :P

It's Lionheart from the forums. I play WoW too. :)

^^ Added back.


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