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This has nothing to do with jelly.

The world is quiet here.

No Longer Public...

*cries, for she is a stalker without a LiveJournal*


*cries* Now Cata can't stalk me! Nooo! *wishes LJ were easier to play around with in this regard*

I mooched a code off of OE's friend! Do I get to be a lurky weirdo now?

(Cata will be getting a code in a week. ^.^)

Yaay! *attacks Ke*

Hey there! I'm not a stalker, but rather a random person who found your journal by way of a search on "Raine Maida". :) I'm generally friendly and I like meeting new people. Would you mind if I added you to my friends list?

Sure, go ahead! ^.^ I'll get you on mine, as well.

ah... unfortunately, I'm not a stalker. *sniff* cause I don't got a babnana. I'm not really sure how that relates, buthey... *clears throat* anyway. I'm goign to add you to my friend's list, cause I only got two so far. *looks pathetic* you into anime? or manga? or graphic novels? *dies* okay, wellllll.... bye bye for now!

I'll add you to mine, as well. ^.^ Definitely into anime, manga, and graphic novels. Frighteningly so, probably. x.x (Manga collection is at 150-something)

(Deleted comment)
!!! Of course! Didn't know you had an LJ. ^.^

(Deleted comment)
*waves* Of course I remember you. ^.^ I'll get you added to my friends list, as well. Fwee.

*waves* I'll get you added in. ^.^

Fwahahahaha. *Terrouge no James*

150 manga... *drooool* I don't even have 1 T_T

Hee. x.x And now I'm up to 170-something. O.o I'll get you added. ^.^


I'm not dead and gone after all! Good thing I found you, before it was too-- er, no wait, apparently this post is originally from February, but people have still been able to get through.

Well, uh, hi then. Put me on your list! ^_^

:O DIdn't know Icy had an LJ! Yay! I was just talking about you today. Had pulled out my violin and remembered that you had written out the notes for Eyes on Me and Suteki Da Ne that I had with it. Whee!

I keep my LJ open in the hopes I will actually GAIN a stalker or at least someone I don't know from Terrouge.

It's creepy--I still acquire stalkers through here. :| You'd think people would be less inclined to stalk me, but apparently not...

Hey, Tsar! I got a LJ too now...can I be added to your list? I'm Griever. Or maybe that in itself is a little creepy. Meh.

Ook! Of course. ^.^ Hurrah for LJ.

TSAR! Found ya again. This be Slashfang, how ya doing? This is pretty darn cool, through LJ, I've tracked down four people who I knew from the RFF board. And I didn't know you liked JHTM and Isu-Yasha too! Squee!
*Does insane happy dance*

Kathryn, Grath 87, from Terrouge here. I wanna be your friend! haha


Hee. Already had you added. ^.^ STALKER MODE: on

You had posted your user name on Terrouge and I started stalking you then.

dang you have alot of people that know you, hi, im that anoying anonamous guy begging you for a code from the redwall comunity, he

I'm not too sure you know me, but I think so... OF course, last time I "thought so"... Erm... Yeah.

Will add you. ^.^